2021 EQ Seminars
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2021 EQ Seminars

EQ Seminars

Can People Be Taught Emotional Intelligence?


It does not matter who you are and what you do. The more successful you want to be, the more Emotional Intelligence (EQ) you must have. There is no other way. The good news is that EQ is a cognitive ability and can be developed. Read More


Developed by Professionals for Professionals


TalentSmart EQ programs are developed by psychologists Dr Travis Bradberry and Dr Jean Greaves – University of California in San Diego and Stanford University.


The Emotional Intelligence 2.0 book is designed and written by psychologists and EQ specialists Dr. Travis Bradberry, Dr. Jean Greaves, Sue DeLazaro, Dr. Melissa Monday, Dr. Jean Riley, Dr. Lac D Su, Nick Tasler, Eric Thomas and Lindsey Zan.


Find out why being successful in yourself and at work depends greatly on your ability to understand and effectively manage emotions in both yourself and others.

Online (Virtual)  Course Fee Duration May 2021 Jun 2021 Jul 2021
Mastering EQ for Managers & Leaders (By TalentSmart, USA) $695 each 0900-1700 7 (28 Full) 4 or 25 2 or 23
Hiring for Emotional Intelligence (By TalentSmart, USA) $695 each 0900-1700
Discovering EQ at Workplace (WSQ) $695 each 0900-1800 20-21 8-9
Mastering Personal Effectiveness with EQ (WSQ) $695 each 0900-1800
Get Smart with EQ $395 each 1300-1700 11 22 6
What’s My EQ Style (Online) $99 each Self-directed Contact Us Contact Us Contact Us
What’s My DISC Style (Online) $99 each Self-directed Contact Us Contact Us Contact Us
Note: Start your own Virtual class as small as 6 people now. Click Register

We will inform you five (5) days before the course commencement if we can achieve the minimum number of people to form a class. If you do not hear from us, the class is cancelled or postponed to a future date.


We reserve all rights to change the date or cancel the above public seminars due to insufficient registration or unforeseen circumstances. Once the class is confirmed, payment must be made within five (5) working days before the course commencement. View Registration Process

TalentSmart Inc is the world’s premier provider of Emotional Intelligence (EQ). More than 75% of the Fortune 500 companies rely on our products and services. All of our cutting-edge assessments are easy to use, based on rigorous research, and include our proprietary e-learning and Goal-Tracking System™.


Our training programs and coaching services ensure new skills are applied immediately. Our #1 best-selling, award-winning book Emotional Intelligence 2.0 is a groundbreaking addition to the application of Emotional Intelligence in the workplace.


Compare Us with other EQ training providers and review your Return on Investment for TalentSmart Emotional Intelligence training programs.

Emotional Intelligence (EQ) is the #1 predictor of workplace performance. We’ll show you how.