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Latest Articles

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3 Ways Highly Effective Teams Handle Conflict

Mar 30, 2021:  In a team environment, conflict is inevitable. Some conflicts are more minor like what time to hold a meeting, who is going to take lead on that dreaded data entry project, or where to order lunch. Other conflicts are more difficult, like delivering tough feedback, holding a teammate accountable for a mistake, or disagreeing over your team’s approach to an entire marketing campaign. Team conflicts can have serious repercussions for group performance and team member happiness if you don’t learn to manage them thoughtfully. Read More

Seeing Agreement as a Symptom, Not a Goal

Mar 23, 2021:  A united team is often heralded as “the goal,” but swift agreement can also be a symptom of a bigger problem. Picture a marketing team tasked with putting together a new campaign. Within the first ten minutes of the meeting, someone senior pitches an idea for a video campaign, and the whole team immediately and unanimously jumps on board. The idea is half-baked at best, but instead of pushing back on the idea or taking a critical eye to it, they’re excited by the new concept and they say “yes.” Unfortunately, built on a flimsy premise, their months-long project is rife with avoidable problems, each casting a ripple of work that slows everything down. Read More

3 Strategies Extroverts Can Use To Increase Their EQ

Mar 9, 2021:  It’s a common misconception that an extrovert working in a typically introverted job will feel dissatisfied and underperform. In reality, extroverts can thrive in introverted roles by leveraging the strengths that make them unique for the job. Picture the extroverted engineer who scatters a clever set of social breaks throughout her daily independent work. She uses this “break” time to communicate across departments, hold energetic brainstorming sessions, and network with engineers in academia and other organizations to stay up with trends. Read More

How Emotions Affect Your Productivity

Feb 23, 2021:  When we talk about productivity, we are quick to talk about things that help or hurt, like exercise, sleep, caffeine, our diets, work-tracking, goal-tracking, our morning routines, and the various quirky habits of highly successful people. While many of these topics can help us be more productive, they seem to all skirt around the very heart of the issue when it comes to productivity: Our emotions. Read More

4 EQ Strategies to Improve your relationships

Feb 8, 2021:  When it comes to failed relationships, some people can point to a single moment that ruined everything, but the vast majority can’t. Instead, their problems added up slowly over time, growing and growing until they morphed into something else entirely; something much more difficult to fix. Read More

9 Communication Mistakes You Might Be Making

Jan 5, 2021:  No matter how smart, talented, or experienced you are, there are communication mistakes that can change the way people see you. At TalentSmart, stories shared with us in our training programs and coaching work suggest poor communication habits can even hold you back from reaching your full potential.  Here are nine common communication blunders that hold people back. Read More

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